275 Jenness Pond Road, Northwood, NH  03261
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Accommodations and Reservations

Daily Room Rate
1 or 2 Guests: $109 to $129
Queen and King beds available by request
3rd and 4th Guests: add $25 each
Please email us for reservations. Include the date(s) of your stay and number of people. We are sorry, but our insurance policy does not allow us to accommodate pets.

The inn was built in three stages. The oldest part of the Inn was built in 1885 and contains 16 rooms, some of which are used by our family. These rooms are lettered A-V (with some letters omitted for reasons unknown to us). Next the Annex was built, with Rooms 1-8 . Later Dembling Hall was built to connect the two sections. The second floor of Dembling Hall has Rooms 21 - 28.

1) The Inn, Dembling, and Annex  2) The Inn   3) Dembling and Annex

Some sample rooms

The first floor of Dembling Hall has a game room which has lots of extra space for socializing.

One of the rooms where breakfast is served. The room is also used for internet access.