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Event Photos

2014 Guest rode his mtorcycle from Alaska!
1, 2) Larger photos

2014 Crankpuller's BBQ
Photos by: Jeremy Detrude

2014 Jason DiVirgilio - Fund Raiser

2014 - Birthday Party at the Bar Function Room.

2014 Christine Averill Birthday Party
1) Extra Large Photo

2014 Crankpuller's Antique Snowmobile Event
5, 6) Extra large photos

2013 Tammy Detrude Birthday Party
High Resolution Photos: 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 10

2013 Water Cross. More 2013 photos      2012 Water Cross

2013 Beaulieu Family Reunion. Our official opening. Not only did they have a good time, they volunteered to help put in the dock and raft.

2011 Allen Wedding. This was the last wedding held at Lake Shore Farm before the Rings sold it.
Thanks to Janice Allen who supplied these photos and thanks to Genevieve Bergeron Photography.