275 Jenness Pond Road, Northwood, NH  03261
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Lake Shore Farm Photos


1) The Event Center now has chaneliers and round tables.
2) Google Earth view of the property. The Shore front extends to upper left corner. Extra large version.

FALL 2013

The Event Center has been renovated and is hosting events

Summer 2013

1) The new lawn is getting nice and green

Rick at 2013 Water Cross (extra large: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Secret Beach

Panaromic view of Jenness Pond from our dock.

Michelle refurbished the Lake Shore Farm Inn sign

The Daniels Family (Rick, Michelle, Randy, Ricky) and Audry represented Lake Shore Farm at a Manchester 5K race.

The Beaulieu Family Reunion was our official opening. Not only did they have a good time, they volunteered to help put in the dock and raft.

The new septic system is almost as large as a football field


Fall 2012

Roofing the Inn and Annex

Summer 2012
We bought Lake Shore Farm this summer.

The Inn

The Inn Complex

1, 2) Event Center  3) Cottage

1, 2) Repair shop  3) Historic fireplace at old building site

The Pond - yes you can water ski!

1) Google Earth view 2) Google Maps